Legal Document Scanning: A Top Priority for Law Firms
Law firms cannot just avoid working with documents. And errors might also occur as these documents are usually enormous. Documents in law practice refer to pleadings, discovery, documents, forms, letters, etc. It is very important for the law firms to properly maintain and manage documents, client records.

Let’s take an example of a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist. He or she is tasked to take requests from corporations or individuals, and then create and submit documents to government offices as their representative. As many requests come in each day, the storage method for the office copies of the documents, such as the created applications and related documents is very important.

Since, the originals go to government offices or the customer, the specialist has to keep an office copy for responding to inquiries or for referencing past cases. However, keeping paper copies increases hassle while occupying unnecessary space, and finding the apt documents on time gets critical.

The management and transformation of paper based documents into digital workflows with scanning is essentially required by the law firms. These firms can increase productivity, efficiency, and storage space with legal document scanning. It helps in managing the document copies electronically and resume work in times of mishaps as well.

Here are the benefits of scanning stacks of documents for legal purposes.
  • Instant access to all legal documents
  • Less floor space which eliminates extra expenditure
  • Reduction in duplicate files or lost documents
  • Quality of documents including case files and legal records is intact
  • High speed scanning and indexing provides quicker implementation of legal records
  • Increased efficiency and enhanced client service

Easy Management of Documents with ScanSnap Scanners

With ScanSnap iX100, iX500 and SV600, law firms can easily manage and access documents at all times. They can easily refer to copies of past documents and store data in an extremely simple and logical manner.

Scan stacks of documents all at once

Some jobs of the legal firms collect a great deal of documents. For example, inheritance-related cases or a collection of documents of the family register for visa application. Also, when Non-profit Organizations make a request for multiple applications, there are many required documents such as the articles of incorporation and meeting minutes. The ScanSnap Scanner iX100, iX500 can quickly scan these documents all at once. It is also convenient as it can send data to PC wirelessly, enabling work away from the desk. Regardless of the size of a document, the SV600 effortlessly scans it. It easily scans document of A3 size (including booklets) by simply spreading it out.

With ScanSnap as a powerful ally, law firms can make their work processes even more efficient, simpler, hassle-free and neater.