Legal: iX500

Improve quality and efficiency of legal service with ScanSnap

"Reducing administrative work means we can spend more time discussing trial strategies and improving our service to provide successful outcomes for our clients."
Jiro Makino, Lawyer, Makino Law Office

The customer
Customer: Jiro Makino, Makino Law Office
Country: Japan
Industry: Legal

The solution
A ScanSnap scanning solution was implemented to streamline these tasks. He uses the iX500 to scan a verdict document and share it immediately. The iX500 is also used to scan business cards. He utilizes the CardMinder software to organize and save contact information. The SV600 is used to scan bound documents and enables quick extraction of the necessary parts.

The benefits
  • Scanned information can be shared immediately by e-mailing
  • Saves time by making an address book from the scanned business cards
  • Streamlined the process of producing legal briefs
  • Improved client service
Products and services
  • ScanSnap iX500
  • ScanSnap SV600

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