Publisher / Media: SV600

ScanSnap helps editing work of magazines in tight schedule

"We routinely use the SV600 for proofing. It's a powerful tool for the editorial department, something we couldn’t do without."
Takuta Murakami, Chief Editor, Ei Publishing

The customer
Customer: Ei Publishing
Country: Japan
Industry: Other

The challenge
The flick! editorial team felt there had to be a more efficient way to send corrections to operators during the deadline-driven task of proofreading. They also kept an archive of press releases and other source material used in compiling the magazine, including information not recorded anywhere else.

The solution
Using the SV600 contactless scanner to capture large-format proof sheets in a single scan enabled proofreading to proceed smoothly. They also centralized document management and improved searchability by scanning the source material using the high-speed (25 sheets per minute) iX500 scanner and uploading it to Evernote.

The benefits
  • Improved productivity in handwritten proofing
  • Less space required for document archiving
Products and services
  • ScanSnap iX500
  • ScanSnap SV600

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