ScanSnap Scanners help Tax Account Officers Access Documents on their finger tips
Tax account offices or agencies are tasked with a number of essential paperworks. They provide financial details, saving insights, tax related information to numerous corporate clients and others. Advising clients on corporate taxes involves receiving important documents from them and hence produces excessive amounts of papers.

The declarations, applications and contact documents for each client gets accumulated every time the advisors deal with a customer. The documents may vary from tax to insurance contracts, land contracts, and business succession issues. The volume of each of these documents is large enough to make up one thick file. This results to various challenges like too much loss of important information, unnecessary usage of storage space.

Introducing Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Scanners - iX100, iX500 and SV600. These products allow digitization of documents. The iX500 provides freedom from paper storage. The SV600 easily scans heavy, bulky books used for research and study, while the iX100 can be used for remote scan like in scanning documents received at a client’s office.

The benefits of ScanSnap Scanners:
  • Increased storage space
  • Decreased risk of documents getting lost or damaged
  • Accelerated document search

Increasing storage space and decreasing risk of misplacing or losing documents

After the submission of final report for a tax return, the documents can be easily scanned and digitized with iX500, while disposing off the papers. This process enables keeping a large amount of information safely and there is no chance of misplacement. Additionally, the documents are quickly available when needed. This method can make the job of tax account officers/advisors faster and easier than just flipping through pages in a binder.

Saving space by scanning application documents

The electronic ledgers that consist all the needed documents are saved as data in a database. But, many companies save them as a PDF as it is easier and convenient to see and use. This format produces thousands of pages which make operating or sorting difficult, finally impeding the tax investigation.

ScanSnap iX500 play a crucial role and handling this critical situation. All documents generated after accurate consultations of the advisors make up one thick binder for each client application and are quickly converted into digital format with iX500. Once the application of the client is approved, the scanned data is kept while disposing the paper documents.

The light-weight iX100 which has a compact size, battery power, and Wi-Fi also plays an important role in a tax account advisor, officer’s profession. A lot of times, these advisors receive copies of documents in a client’s office where usually there is no photocopy machine. But, with iX100, they can easily scan the documents for the records, save larger papers, and merge them if needed.

The addition of the iX100, iX500, and SV600 to the work schedules of the tax account officers helps them deliver more sophisticated and higher quality services with efficiency.